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NJ Sports Injury Lawsuits - Can A Player Be Held Responsible For Injuring Another Player During The Game?

Athletes suffering sports injuries is nothing unusual.  Soccer players may run into each other accidentally, and one of the players may dislocate his shoulder as a result of the collision.  A basketball player may get checked by a guard, fall and fracture his ankle.  The risk of injuries is inherent in any sport. 

However, there are times when sports injuries are avoidable and should never happen in the first place.  One reason these types of sports accidents and injuries happen is due to someone's negligence.  Another reason may be due to defective safety/protective sports equipment or defective facilities.  Therefore, potential liable parties in a PA sports injury and accident lawsuit may be:

  • coaches,
  • sports organizations,
  • schools,
  • sports equipment manufacturers, such as a company that makes helmets.

For instance, a coach may be found liable for a player's injuries for allowing the high school football player to return to a game after sustaining a concussion.  The high school player sustains a second hit to the head, resulting in a permanent brain injury.  In this situation, if the coach had the player properly evaluated, he would have known that the player had a concussion and would not have let him return to the game.  However, because of his negligence in not making sure the player was okay, he let the player back in the game who then sustained a permanent brain injury.

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What about injuries caused by players to other players?  Can players themselves actually be sued in a personal injury lawsuit if they hurt another player during practice or a game?

There was a recent NJ case that dealt with this issue.  However, the players involved in the case were minors.  A player was injured by another player on the opposing team while playing lacrosse.  It was the first time a New Jersey court had to deal with this type of case.  The Appellate Division ultimately decided that when a child injures another child in a sports related injury accident or incident, the minor who caused the injury cannot be held liable on account of his age.  See C.J.R. v. G.A.  

Continue to part 2 of this NJ sports injury article, which discusses the facts of the case and how the court reached its decision. 

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