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PA & NJ Recreational Accidents - Playground Accidents (Part 2)

Kids are often injured on playgrounds, whether it is a public playground or a school playground.  Accidents happen for various reasons.  Some are due to the condition of the structure, and some are due to someone's negligence.

Part 1 of this article discussed playground accidents at schools due to dangerous equipment or play structures.  Part 2 of this article will discuss playground accidents due to lack of supervision at school playgrounds.

Pennsylvania law requires a certain ratio of teachers to children at schools depending on the children's ages.  There must be a sufficient number of staff members supervising a certain number of kids at all times.  Section 3270.51 of 55 Pa. Code, Chapter 3270, Child Care Centers, provides:

When children are grouped in similar age levels, the following maximum child group sizes and ratios of staff persons apply:

Similar Age Levels



Group Size

Total Number
of Staff Required for
the Maximum Group Size






Young toddler





Older toddler










Young school-age





Older school-age





When there is an insufficient number of staff members supervising children, whether it is in a class room or on a playground, accidents can and do happen.

Many schools have different play structures on the playgrounds for different age groups.  There may be monkey bars and slides that are not appropriate for 3 year olds because they are too high and pose fall hazards for young children.  These play structures may only be appropriate for kids 5 and above. 

Some schools may be able to have separate playgrounds for different age groups, but most have play structures for different age groups on the same playground.  Therefore, a slide for 3 year olds may be next to a slide for 5 year olds.

When there is lack of supervision or an insufficient number of staff members supervising the children on the playground, accidents happen and children get hurt.

A reason accidents happen is because young children play on play structures, such as slides and monkey bars, made for older children.

For example, a 3 year old may try to go on a slide made for a 5 year old which is much higher than the slide made for a 3 year old.  As the 3 year old is climbing up the steps near the top of the slide, he slips, falls and seriously hurts himself.  He may fracture his arm or leg or even suffer a concussion from the fall.

Because there was an insufficient number of teachers or staff on the playground, the teachers did not see the 3 year old trying to go up on the slide.  The school in this example may be responsible for the child's injuries.

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