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Sports Related Injuries In PA & NJ- Importance Of Proper Coaching & Supervision

As we approach the end of summer, children and their parents are preparing for the new school year across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Children who play sports may be trying out for junior or varsity school sports teams or joining organized sports teams in their communities.

Children today are playing sports at a much younger age.  They can start playing soccer at 3 years old, T-ball at 4 years old, and even football at 5 years old.  There are a lot of organized sports teams throughout PA and NJ townships, community centers, etc.  As participation in organized sports teams increases, in addition to school teams, the rate of sports-related injuries also increases.

According to the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC), more than 7,100 children between the ages of 0-19 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for sports and recreation-related injuries each day in 2009.  That means 2.6 million children were injured in one single year.  These numbers only include hospital emergency visits and do not include sports and recreation-related injuries treated at doctors' offices, clinics, etc.

Boys tend to sustain sports-related injuries 2x more than girls.  Part of the reason can be attributed to the types of sports boys play.  Boys may play more collision or contact sports such as football. 

Some of the injuries children sustain are:

  • concussions,
  • brain injuries,
  • broken bones,
  • dislocations,
  • neck injuries, or
  • heat strokes.

While the risk of injury is a part of any sport, injuries can be prevented in youth sports. One way to prevent injuries in youth sports in Pennsylvania and New Jersey is to have proper coaching and supervision.

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Proper coaching and supervision of children are vital to ensure their safety.  Children need to be able to learn, grow and compete in a safe environment.  It is not enough that a soccer coach was a star player when he played the sport, the soccer coach must also have other skills and abilities in order to be a coach.  Some of the things they need to know are:

  • how to teach the children the skills they need to play soccer,
  • how to have practices in a safe manner,
  • how to identify facility or field issues, or
  • how to identify equipment issues.

If there is a lack of proper coaching and supervision, accidents and injuries do and will happen. 

Consider the following: Before a game, a soccer coach needs to check the field to make sure that the field is safe, but forgets to do it.  During the game, a player falls on a piece of sharp glass that severs a tendon in his hand.  As a result, the player needs surgery.  Because the coach was negligent and did not perform his job of inspecting the field prior to the game, the coach and sports organization may be liable for the player's injury.  If the coach did his job, he would have spotted the glass, picked it up and the player would not have fallen on it and injured himself.

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