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Psychological Trauma & Injuries After PA Car Accidents

People who are involved in serious car, truck or bus accidents in Philadelphia and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania often suffer serious injuries.  Some of the injuries include:

  • fractures throughout the body (legs, arm, ribs, or shoulders),
  • concussions,
  • traumatic brain injuries, and
  • spinal cord injuries.

All of these above injuries are physical in nature.  However, injured car accident victims in PA also suffer injuries that are emotional in nature. Many people may not realize that emotional or psychological trauma also occurs as a result of car accidents. Victims of serious car accidents may have anxiety, flashbacks and other emotional problems. 

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Consider the following: a driver is driving on the Schuylkill Expressway (I-76) in Philadelphia, PA and traffic ahead has come to a stop.  The driver slows down and comes to a complete stop.  He looks in his rear view mirror and sees a truck behind him.  The truck is not slowing down, and it becomes apparent that the driver is about to get hit from behind.  The driver cannot move to another lane because there are cars in the next lane.  The driver braces himself and holds the steering wheel tightly preparing to get hit from behind by the truck.  The driver is hit violently from behind, suffers catastrophic orthopedic injuries and needs multiple surgeries. 

After 3 weeks, he is finally released from the hospital.  His wife drives him home in a car.  When the car is stopped at a red light, the husband begins to get anxious.  He keeps looking in the side view mirror to make sure there are no cars coming from behind.  He starts to have difficulty breathing and starts to have a panic attack.  The driver finally calms down after his wife talks to him and reassures him that no one is going to hit them from behind.

However, it happens again, and frequently.  In fact, every time he is in a car and stopped at a light or in traffic, he has a panic attack.  In addition, the driver is having difficulty sleeping and has nightmares about the accident.  The traumatic rear-end car accident has left him with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Consequently, he needs to be treated by a therapist to help him deal with PTSD.

Injured victims who have emotional trauma can recover financially from the at-fault drivers in addition to their physical injuries.  In order to prove emotional trauma, injured individuals may provide medical records from treating doctors.  Records from therapists would need to be submitted as evidence to prove that the individuals suffer from emotional trauma. 

In addition, witness testimony from family, friends or co-workers may also help prove emotional trauma.  For example, a friend who witnessed an injured driver's panic attack can attest to the event that triggered the panic attack.

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