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Recovering Lost Wages & Future Lost Wages From The At-Fault Driver After A PA Or NJ Car Accident (Part 2)

Sustaining injuries in Pennsylvania and New Jersey car accidents can be devastating for injured drivers, passengers or pedestrians.  Some sustain serious or permanent injuries that prevent them from being able to take care of themselves, such as basic grooming.  Some seriously injured individuals may be prevented from going back to work for a period of time or even from going back to work at all.  As part 1 of this article discussed, in situations where auto accident victims cannot work temporarily or permanently, they may be able to recover their past lost wages and/or future lost wages from at-fault drivers by filing Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident lawsuits.

Part 2 of the article will discuss how injured auto accident victims can prove past lost wages and future lost wages in PA & NJ car accident lawsuits.

Proving Lost Wages

Plaintiffs (injured victims) cannot just say they lost time from work to prove their lost wages claims in PA & NJ car accident lawsuits.  They must be able to provide evidence that they have lost wages.  For example, if an injured car accident victim could not work for 8 weeks due to the injuries sustained in a car accident, he must provide some type of documentation that proves he was not able to work for 8 weeks.  He can get a note from his doctor clearly stating that he is unable to work for 8 weeks due to his auto accident injuries..  He can also get a letter from his employer stating that he was not able to work for 8 weeks due to doctor's orders.  The other thing he can provide is his pay stubs which show he received no wages for 8 weeks.

Proving Future Lost Wages

If an injured car accident victim cannot return to his job altogether, he must provide various expert reports that prove he cannot work.  For example, an injured car accident victim sustains a permanent traumatic brain injury that prevents him from returning to his job; he must provide a doctor's report which states that he cannot return to work due to his cognitive deficits from the brain injury.  In addition to the medical expert report, he may need a vocational report which assesses his ability to return to any type of work.  In conjunction with the vocational report, an economist report is also needed.  If the vocational expert states that the victim cannot work in any capacity, then the economist's report will calculate the value of the victim's loss of future earning capacity.

In order to successfully prove lost wages and future lost wages, a car accident victim will need the help of an experienced car accident injury lawyer who knows how to obtain the necessary expert reports. 

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