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Liability Beyond The Dog Owner: Other Parties May Be Responsible For Your Injuries From A Dog Bite/Attack (Part B)

Sellers May Be Liable

Anyone in the business of selling dogs or who regularly engages in selling dogs should take certain steps to ensure that they are not creating a situation in which the development of negative behavioral traits is likely to occur.

It is essential that breeders and sellers use care in properly matching a given breed with the owner and the home environment in which the dog is being placed. A bad match between a dog and a home can and does create serious problems for the dog and individuals coming into contact with the dog.

For example, certain dogs need to get outside and exercise on a regular basis. Certain dogs react very negatively to being isolated. Other dogs respond negatively to being around large loud groups of people. Certain breeds are better with children than others.

Before placing a dog with a buyer, a responsible seller conducts a careful, thorough interview of the customer to determine whether the customer is a suitable candidate to acquire the dog he or she seeks to obtain. This amounts to a screening process in which an exchange of information between the seller and the buyer takes place. The seller provides information about the traits of the dog and the needs of the dog. The buyer provides information about the home environment and his or her ability to provide what the dog requires in order to be well adjusted and well behaved. The SPCA does this. Many police department canine departments do this before they allow a police officer to enter a canine unit and take possession of a police dog.

The people victimized by sellers’ failure to take these simple and reasonable steps are often the dog purchaser and his or her family members. After a dog owner is attacked by his or her own dog, we often hear statements such as: “It was just too much dog for me to handle”; or “I never felt comfortable around the dog from day one.” When these victims find out what their dog’s needs and normal behavioral traits are, they are often horrified. Simply put, dogs have to be matched properly with the home environment and their owners. Failure to do this can lead to a dangerous situation in which the likelihood of unprovoked attacks is greatly increased.

For more information about other possible liable parties, see Liability Beyond The Dog Owner: Other Parties May Be Responsible For Your Injuries From A Dog Bite/Attack (Part A).  Please also see our legal article for more information about Pennsylvania and New Jersey dog bite law and steps in a serious injury dog bite lawsuit.

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