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Common Causes of a Slip and Fall in Philadelphia or New Jersey (Part A)

A slip and fall in Philadelphia or New Jersey can lead to life-altering injuries or even death. You should immediately seek medical treatment, and then meet with a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer to discuss your legal options.

If it can be determined that a property owner's negligence led to your accident, a lawyer may be able to help you recover damages for:

  • medical expenses;
  • lost wages;
  • pain and suffering; and
  • incidental expenses stemming from the accident.


A slip and fall accident in Philadelphia or New Jersey can happen just about anywhere such as a grocery store, parking lot, or mall.

Wherever your accident occurred, you can preserve your legal rights by collecting as much evidence as possible:

  • take photos of the accident scene if you're capable;
  • get contact information from witnesses; and
  • hold onto any damaged items such as torn clothing or broken eyeglasses.


Situations Leading to Indoor Slip and Fall in Philadelphia or New Jersey

There are dangerous conditions that can cause a slip and fall in Philadelphia or New Jersey.

When a property owner fails to appropriately monitor and maintain their premises, they can be held accountable in a slip and fall claim:

  • mopping the floor during busy times, such as lunch hour;
  • using excessive polish on floors;
  • allowing the floor to remain wet for an extended period of time;
  • failure to clean up spilled liquids or other substances;
  • failure to warn visitors of spills;
  • failure to keep carpet, tile, and other floor surfaces in a safe condition;
  • failure to correct worn steps or broken handrails; and
  • failure to maintain elevators and escalators. 

It can be very difficult to pursue a case of slip and fall in Philadelphia on your own because evidence can easily be covered up or discarded. It would be in your best interest to contact a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer.

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