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Who Is Responsible For Your Slip and Fall Accident On A New Jersey Public Sidewalk?

Sidewalks are open to the general public, and pedestrians expect to walk safely on the sidewalks.  Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents on sidewalks happen all the time.  As a result, pedestrians sustain serious injuries such as:

  •   fractured hips,
  •   fractured shoulders,
  •   fractured wrists, or
  •   fractured ankles.

When serious slip and fall accidents happen, who is responsible for the pedestrians' injuries?  When the accident happens in front of a home or an apartment complex, the owner of the home or the apartment complex may be responsible.  When the accident happens on a sidewalk in front of a commercial establishment, such as a restaurant or a store, the owner of the commercial establishment may be responsible.

Typically, property owners have the duty to keep the sidewalks on their properties free and clear of dangerous conditions.  In order for injured pedestrians to prevail in lawsuits, they would need to prove that the owners responsible for the sidewalks were negligent.

Owners may be negligent because they did not remove the dangerous conditions on their sidewalks which caused pedestrians to fall.  Dangerous conditions may include:

  •   snow,
  •   ice,
  •   tree debris, or
  •   uneven sidewalks.

Parties Other Than Property Owners May Also Be Responsible For Sidewalk Slip And Fall Accidents

What many injured pedestrians do not realize is that other than property owners, there may be other parties responsible for their injuries.

Water companies or gas companies often need to dig up the sidewalk to get to the water or gas pipes.  If the water or gas company improperly patched up the sidewalk, thereby creating a dangerous tripping hazard on the sidewalk, the injured slip and fall victim may bring suit against the water or gas company.

What To Do After A Sidewalk Slip & Fall Accident

After a slip and fall accident, it is important to talk to an experienced PA or NJ personal injury lawyer to properly evaluate the case.  Further, only a proper investigation conducted by an experienced lawyer can determine all the responsible parties.

Philadelphia, PA & NJ Sidewalk Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one was injured in a slip and fall accident due to a dangerous condition on a sidewalk, feel free to contact the personal injury lawyers at White and Williams for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

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