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Snow & Ice Also Lead To Indoor Accidents In Pennsylvania

In the winter, slip and fall accidents are common on sidewalks.  However, slip and fall accidents due to snow and ice do not only happen outside, they also happen inside at entryways of office buildings, stores, restaurants and other public places. When individuals are walking into such places, they have snow and ice on the bottom of their boots or shoes which can fall to the floor and melt.  Eventually, a pool of melted snow may gather on the floor.  If a mat is not placed at the entryways of these establishments, individuals can slip and fall on the puddle of melted ice.

Pennsylvania Slip & Fall Accident Law

If an individual slips, falls and injures himself/herself due to melted snow and ice on the floor, the stores, restaurants and office buildings may be responsible for the individual’s injuries.  Public establishments and office buildings are not insurers of the safety of those on their premises, and the mere existence of harmful conditions at places of business or public buildings do not mean such establishments are negligent.  However, they do have the duty to warn the public of unreasonably dangerous conditions they know or should know about.  In order for injured individuals to prevail in Pennsylvania slip and fall accident lawsuits, they have to prove that public establishments had notice of the dangerous condition that caused the fall.

Anytime there is snow and ice, it is expected that water accumulation will occur at entryways.  Customers and people going to work always walk through the entryways of stores, restaurants and office buildings.  Such businesses and public buildings should know that melted snow and ice will accumulate at entryways due to pedestrian traffic.  Therefore, it is foreseeable that people may slip on the water and fall.  In order to prevent such accidents, absorbent mats may be placed at the entrances to prevent puddles of melted ice from accumulating.  In addition, warning cones can also be placed around the puddle of water to warn people of the slippery floor.

Therefore, to prevent slip and fall accidents on melted snow/ice at entryways and revolving door entrances, mats should be placed on the floor. Failure to do so may result in liability of the public establishment, which again, includes stores, restaurants and office buildings.


What To Do After A PA Slip & Fall Accident

If you sustained injuries after a slip and fall accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, it is important to talk to an injury lawyer who has handled slip and fall accident cases.  Dan O’Brien and his team have the resources and experience to help you recover the compensation you are entitled to. Call 877.944.8396.

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