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Can A Spectator Sue For Injuries Sustained While Watching A Sporting Event?

When we think of sports and recreation accidents, we typically think of the athlete playing the sport or the individual participating in the recreational activity getting injured.  Sports and recreation accidents can also involve spectators at sporting events.

When can a spectator sue for injuries sustained at a sporting event?


There are only certain situations in which a spectator can sue because cases involving injuries to spectators are very challenging.  The law basically recognizes that when we go to watch a sporting event, we voluntarily assume the risk of getting injured due to foreseeable dangers from watching the event. The classic example is going to a Phillies game and getting hit by a foul ball at the stadium. The courts in that situation really don't allow us to bring a legal action.

So when can a spectator sue for injuries sustained at a sporting event?


There are situations where the setup at the facility is so unsafe that the law will allow a legal action to go forward. A classic example of that is at a little league field or some other facility where youth sports are played and the grandstands or bleachers are set up in an unsafe spot where there's no protection for spectators. In some situations, those cases can be pursued successfully.

If you were a spectator at a sporting event and got injured, you should talk to an experienced Pennsylvania or New Jersey sports and recreation accident lawyer to find out if you have a case.  If you were seriously injured as a spectator at a sporting event, you probably incurred medical bills.  If you have a case, you may be able to recover your medical expenses and recover damages for the pain and suffering you endured.

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