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PA Car Accident - Client Recovers $400,000 By Stacking UIM Coverage From Different Policies

We represented a very nice woman who was seriously injured in a car accident in rural Pennsylvania.  Our client was driving to work on the day of the car accident, and without warning, she was t-boned by another car.  The driver of the other car had a stop sign, but did not stop.  His car slammed into the driver side of our client's car. 

As a result, our client suffered serious injuries.  Due to the impact, her head hit the windshield so hard that she lost consciousness and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  In addition, she had a fracture to her cervical (neck) spine and multiple broken teeth.  She also tore the meniscus in her right knee which required surgery.

We sued the driver alleging that he was negligent and failed to stop at a stop sign.  Our client did not have a stop sign as she was driving through the intersection, and the at-fault driver pulled out and hit our client. 

As with many PA car accident lawsuits, the parties were deposed at depositions.  In a PA personal injury car accident lawsuit, the plaintiff (our client) and the defendant (the at-fault driver) have the right to have their attorneys question the other party at depositions.  The opposing lawyer will ask the deponent about the accident and injuries. 

The at-fault driver had $100,000 liability coverage in his auto insurance policy, and the at-fault driver's lawyer offered the policy limit to compensate our client for her injuries after the depositions.  Our client accepted the offer, but we knew that $100,000 was not enough to compensate our client for her injuries.

Thus, we then filed an underinsured motorist (UIM) claim under our client's own insurance policy.  A UIM claim can be made with an insured, injured driver's own auto insurance company when the at-fault driver's liability coverage is not enough to compensate the injured driver.

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In our client's case, she had $100,000 of UIM coverage.  In addition, she was covered under 3 other auto insurance policies.  In other words, she was a covered insured driver under 4 vehicles in her household. 

Pennsylvania auto insurance law allows insured drivers to "stack" their UIM coverage on applicable auto insurance policies.  Because our client was an insured driver under 4 different auto policies (each with $100,000 of UIM coverage), she was able to "stack" all four UIM coverages, potentially allowing her to recover the maximum amount of $400,000. 

We were able to help our client recover the maximum of $400,000 on her UIM claim due to the severity of her injuries.  Therefore, in this PA car accident, we were able to help our client recover a total of $500,000 ($100,000 from the at-fault driver and $400,000 from her UIM claim).

Help After A PA Car Accident - UIM Claims

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