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Steps To Take After A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Slip, Trip & Fall Accident

Trip and fall and slip and fall accidents in Pennsylvania happen all the time.  Some of the fall accidents include:

  • trip and fall accident down a flight of stairs,
  • slip and fall accident on a slippery or wet floor at a public establishment such as a restaurant, and
  • slip and fall accident on an icy public sidewalk in Philadelphia or a residential neighborhood in Montgomery County, Bucks County, etc.

The number of slip and fall accidents typically increases in winter months due to snow and ice.   Pedestrians may be walking their dogs and slip and fall because the sidewalk in front of a particular house is not removed.  A shopper in Center City Philadelphia may slip and fall on an icy sidewalk in front of a retail store. 

Pedestrians who fall on icy public sidewalks are often embarrassed.  They try to get up as fast as they can and keep walking.  When they finally get to their destinations or stop to sit down, they start to feel pain and realize they may be injured.  Some may even sustain serious injuries such as fractures in their hands, ankles, legs.  Pedestrians who slip and fall on icy sidewalks often do not know they have legal rights and do nothing about their accidents.

Here are some things injured pedestrians should do after a sidewalk slip and fall accident on an icy sidewalk in Pennsylvania.

1.  Get medical treatment

Injured pedestrians need to get medical treatment as soon as possible.  Because they are often embarrassed that they fell in front of other people, they may refuse medical treatment.  However, they may have a fracture and do not realize it because the pain is masked by adrenaline.  Therefore, if they experience pain and discomfort, it is a good idea to seek medical treatment to make sure they are physically okay.

2.  Take pictures

If possible, pedestrians should take a look at what they slipped on.  If they have a friend or family member with them, they can take pictures of the sidewalk.  If pedestrians can't get a picture immediately after the slip and fall accident, they can go back later to take pictures or ask a friend or family member to go back.  If they have pictures of the icy sidewalk, it would be difficult for the responsible party to deny that the sidewalk was icy. 

3.   Talk to a PA personal injury lawyer

It is important for an injured pedestrian to talk to a personal injury lawyer after a slip and fall accident.  In order to determine whether there is a viable slip and fall accident case, an experienced personal injury lawyer would want to look at and inspect the sidewalk as soon as possible. 

In addition, the lawyer would determine all possible liable parties.  There may be responsible parties other than the property owner such as a snow removal company.  A property owner may hire a snow removal company which failed to properly remove ice and snow from the sidewalk.  Thus, the snow removal company may be responsible for a pedestrian's accident and injuries.

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