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A Driver Tries To Stop Drivers From Using Their Cell Phones While Driving By Using A Cell Phone Jammer

A man in Florida was recently slapped with a hefty fine of $48,000 by the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) for using a cell phone jammer.  The man used the cell phone jammer every day for 2 years during his morning and afternoon commutes.  Local carriers noticed something wrong with the cell phone towers, but never knew the cause of the disturbance until recently. *Source: The Tampa Tribune (FCC: Seffner man used cellphone jammer)

Federal law prohibits the public from using wireless signal jamming devices.  One reason is due to the public’s need to make a 911 call in case of an emergency.  However, these types of jammers are becoming popular, and many are being sold on Craigslist.  Federal authorities are pursuing people who are selling jamming devices.

This particular case started when a wireless carrier noticed that a transmission tower along one particular highway would have problems every morning and evening.  The wireless carrier contacted the FCC in April 2014, and an investigation began. A week later, the FCC discovered that a driver was using the jamming device. 

When asked why he did it, the man said that he wanted “to keep people from talking on their cellphones while driving.”

Did he have good intentions?  Definitely.  Did he do the right thing? Probably not. 

Though the man wanted to solve the problem of distracted driving, he was also putting other people’s lives at risk in the event of an emergency situation.

Further, drivers who suddenly lost their calls due to the jammer would probably continue to use their phones in an attempt to get the calls back.  In essence, it may even be more dangerous because the drivers are trying to figure out what is wrong with their phones.

Help Increase Public Awareness Regarding The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

Though the man had good intentions, it was probably not the best way to stop drivers from texting or talking on their phones while driving.  A better way is to educate the public and bring awareness to the public about the dangers of texting or talking on the phone while driving.

Many high schools are educating their teen drivers about the dangers of texting while driving.  The car accident injury lawyers at White and Williams have worked with local driving schools to bring "The Teen Driving Summit - The Dangers of Texting While Driving" program to local high schools.  We discuss the dangers of texting while driving in Pennsylvania through the texting while driving car accident cases we have handled.  The program also shows the teen drivers the devastating consequences of texting while driving through a simulator.

See media coverage of the program: The Teen Safety Driving Summit as Featured on 6ABC

If you have questions about our distracted driving program for teen drivers and would like to bring the program to your school, call 877.944.8396

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