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Is your child's referee or coach qualified to supervise their New Jersey sporting event? (Part A)

If your child has been drawn to any kind of athletics, you may have concerns about your kid's sports safety. As youth sports have become more popular, experts have revealed that intensive training might be linked to injuries and illnesses.

When an unqualified coach pushes children too hard, the result could be overuse injuries and fatigue
. If your child is suffering because of a strenuous training regimen imposed by an unqualified coach or because of a referee's failure to take action during an event, you should consult with a New Jersey sports injury lawyer.

Coaches Who Push too Hard Can Cause Kids Sports Injuries in New Jersey

An overuse injury can occur when a coach ignores kid's sports safety and demands excessive training. After all, children are not miniature adults. Their bodies are not capable of withstanding the stress an adult's body can handle. A New Jersey sports injury lawyer is aware of this and will look to see what may have led to your child's overuse injury.

Kids sports injuries in New Jersey caused by overuse could result from a poorly trained child who is pushed to the limits or even an elite youth athlete who trains excessively.

For example, overuse injuries such as tennis elbow and little leaguers elbow have reached staggering numbers. Throwing a good pitch and slamming an overhead serve are skills that will not be perfected until late adolescence because muscle efficiency is poor in young athletes.

Qualified coaches are aware of this and will not force children to reach inappropriate athletic levels for their age. A coach who ignores kid's sports safety and treats children as if they are well-developed adults will leave your child susceptible to injuries.

A Coach's Failure to Notice Fatigue Can Cause Kids Sports Injuries in New Jersey

Children also produce more metabolic heat when they exercise, which means their bodies are not efficient at dissipating the heat.
This leaves a child at high risk for fatigue and heat-related injuries.

If your child's coach is more motivated by success rather than the wellbeing of your child you should speak with a New Jersey sports injury lawyer. You might be able to bring a personal injury claim against your child's coach if your child has been injured as a result. This is true also if your child's coaches failed to recognize the signs of dehydration and distress.

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