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Liability Beyond The Dog Owner: Other Parties May Be Responsible For Your Injuries From A Dog Bite/Attack (Part C)

Trainers May Be Liable

Other than breeders and sellers, trainers may be liable for a victim's injuries sustained in a dog attack.  Serious unprovoked dog attacks can be the result of trainers or “obedience schools” using improper training methods that adversely impact a dog’s temperament.

A proper training program will begin with a very careful interview of the dog owner. The purpose of the interview is to identify any problems with the dog’s behavior and/or temperament. The trainers should also determine exactly what the dog owner hopes and expects to accomplish through the training program.

A proper training program “trains” the dog owner as much as it trains the dog itself. Proper dog training really involves training the dog and the dog owner as a team. The owner should and must be involved with the training. The owner absolutely has to participate in the training procedures.

When done properly, a dog should enjoy the training session. The dog should be wagging his tail, looking up at the trainer and anxiously awaiting its next instruction. The trainer should constantly be rewarding and praising the dog for properly following instructions.

It is essential that a dog trainer be a dog lover and treat the dog well, treat the dog kindly, praise the dog, and make the dog feel good during the training session. Proper training involves speaking to the dog in a pleasant tone. Dog trainers should address the dogs in a very positive, enthusiastic way during training and praise the dog energetically. Treating a dog harshly during training can lead to defensive behavior -- including biting -- when the dog is instructed or corrected by its owner, or even when someone pets the dog.

For more information about other possible liable parties, see Liability Beyond The Dog Owner: Other Parties May Be Responsible For Your Injuries From A Dog Bite/Attack (Part A) and (Part B). Please also see our legal article for more information about Pennsylvania and New Jersey dog bite law and steps in a serious injury dog bite lawsuit.

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