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Common Types of Fatal Truck Accidents

Nearly every day in the U.S. there are traffic accidents caused by large semi-trailer trucks. These vehicles are large, difficult to maneuver under dangerous conditions, and they may obstruct another driver's view.

Furthermore, the driver's of commercial trucks are often traveling for long periods of time, and they may grow tired, inattentive, or simply neglectful of their surroundings.

When one of these trucks is involved in an accident, it can result in significant damages, personal injuries, and in the worst case, someone's death. If someone you love has been killed in a Philadelphia truck accident, you may be able to claim damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. To do so, you should get the help of a Philadelphia truck accident lawyer.

Common Types of Fatal Truck Accidents in Philadelphia

There are generally 5 types of truck accidents that are the most likely to occur. These are: 

  • A head-on collision;
  • An underride accident, in which a smaller car or other vehicle rides underneath a larger commercial truck. This can happen at the rear of a truck or from the side, and often has devastating consequences;
  • An override accident, in which a large commercial truck rides over a smaller vehicle or pedestrian;
  • A jackknife accident, which happens when a truck driver applies the brakes too suddenly, and the truck folds back-over-front; and
  • A rollover, in which the truck rolls over onto its side .  

Damages in a Philadelphia Truck Accident Claim

Not only can these types of accidents be caused by a driver's negligence, but they may be caused by equipment failure, poor vehicle maintenance, or the failure to secure a load. In these cases, the trucking company may be the party to blame. And if someone has been killed as a result of this negligence, survivors of the victim may claim damages for: 

  • The victim's medical expenses;
  • The funeral and burial costs;
  • Any wages that the victim will not attain;
  • The loss of services, such as child care, transportation, home maintenance;
  • The loss of love, guidance, and companionship; and
  • Any pain and suffering that has been caused by the loss. 

To claim these damages, you may need the help of a Philadelphia truck accident lawyer. A Philadelphia truck accident lawyer can investigate the cause of the truck accident, and give a potential estimate of the value of your claim. With a convincing case, an experienced lawyer may get you the compensation you deserve.

Help After a Philadelphia Truck Accident

If you have lost a loved one in a truck accident in Philadelphia, you may be eligible to seek damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. Contact a Philadelphia truck accident lawyer at White & Williams LLP today. We will provide a free, no obligation consultation on your case. 1-877-944-8396

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