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Unprovoked Bar Or Nightclub Fights In PA - A Discussion By A PA Injury Lawyer

Fights in bars or nightclubs are not that uncommon.  Bars and nightclubs in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs of Pennsylvania are no exception.  Fights often break out inside and outside of clubs/bars in Old City and Center City, Philadelphia. 

People involved in the fights are often hurt and injured.  Bar and nightclub fights do not only hurt the individuals involved in the fights, but also innocent bystanders.  A fight may break out and the parties involved may hit an innocent bystander by accident.  A person involved in the fight may lose his balance and fall on a person standing nearby, causing the innocent bystander to fall and fracture her wrist or leg. Sometimes, an unassuming patron sitting at the bar waiting to get a drink may get punched by another patron for no reason. 

Common injuries sustained in bar and nightclub fights include broken noses, deep lacerations in the face requiring many stitches or fractured hands.

Who is responsible for the injured individual's injuries after a bar or nightclub fight in PA?  The remainder of this article will discuss potential liable parties.

A party responsible for injuries to another person in a bar fight may be the person who started the fight and hurt the other person.  In the example above where an unassuming patron waiting to get a drink is punched by another patron , the injured patron can file a personal injury lawsuit against the aggressor.

In addition, the nightclub or bar may also be responsible in the situation.  Let's assume that the person who started a fight was drinking heavily throughout the night and was served by the same waitress who saw that the person was becoming visibly intoxicated.  Further, she saw that he was getting rowdy and started verbal arguments with other people for no reason.  The policy at the club was that a waitress needed to notify security when she saw a patron become rowdy and heavily intoxicated.  However, she did not do this.  Rather, she continued to serve him drinks because he was tipping her very well.  In this case, the bar would also be liable for the injuries to the unsuspecting patron.  If the waitress had stopped serving the patron alcohol and notified security, the fight probably could have been avoided. 

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