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What To Do After Sustaining Injuries From Falling Down Dangerous Steps In PA & NJ

We help many injured individuals who fall down steps or a flight of stairs.  Some of the reasons slip and fall accidents happen on steps are:

  • decay of the steps,
  • improper installation of the steps, and/or
  • lack of maintenance of the steps.

Injured individuals often do not know what to do after falling down stairs.  Below are some things injured individuals can do after a stairway accident:

1.  Take Pictures

With the common use of smart phones, cell phones and blackberries, injured individuals should take pictures of the steps they tripped or slipped on with their mobile devices.

Though an inspection would typically be conducted after a lawsuit is filed, the steps may change in the interim.  In such a case, the conditions of the steps that caused the person to fall would not be present at the time of the inspection. 

2. Seek Medical Care For Injuries

Immediately after the fall down accident on a stairway, it is important to seek proper medical attention for the injuries sustained.  Sometimes, an individual is embarrassed by their fall and will not seek medical treatment.  Some injured individuals continue on with their daily activities, such as going to work.

3. Contact An Experienced Trip & Fall Accident Lawyer In PA & NJ

Lastly, an injured individual should speak to an experienced trip and fall accident lawyer who has experience in representing victims of stairway accidents.  An experienced lawyer will identify the responsible parties and build a case to satisfy the necessary legal elements the injured party needs to prove, such as notice.

Help After Being Injured In A NJ & PA Stairway Accident

If you or a loved one slipped or tripped on a stairway and sustained serious injuries, feel free to contact our PA slip and fall accident lawyers to discuss your legal rights.  We also help injured victims in New Jersey.

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*Published: 9-11-12

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