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Concussions in High School Athletes Increasing

Posted on Mar 10, 2011

March 10, 2011 - Medline Plus reports that according to a new study, concussions in high school athletes are increasing, which means student athletes are 4 times more likely to suffer a concussion today in comparison to 10 years ago. 

Additionally, it was found that football players are at the highest risk for concussion as the result of a sports injury. Other sports that are found to lead to concussions include soccer, lacrosse and basketball.

Research from the American Journal of Sports Medicine indicates that in 1997, approximately 1 in 10,000 children were likely to suffer a concussion from a sports injury. Today, it has increased to 5 in every 10,000 children.

Despite these findings, researchers are not entirely clear on what has caused the increase. One of the potential reasons is a greater awareness of concussion symptoms. And with more and more children playing at a maximum level, their chances of head injury increase.

Concussions can lead to serious complications, including:

  • second impact syndrome (when the brain hasn't had a chance to fully recover from one concussion before another is sustained);
  • bleeding under the skull;
  • swelling of the brain; and
  • death.  

If your child suffered a concussion or other serious sports injury and you believe it was the result of a coach's negligence-such as the failure to bench an injured player or to enforce safety standards-and it has led to serious medical consequences, a Philadelphia sports injury attorney can talk to you about your options for legal recourse.

Help After a Philadelphia Sports Accident

If your child has sustained a serious sports injury because of another's negligence, you shouldn't have to suffer and pay for expensive medical bills that result. Contact a Philadelphia sports injury attorney at White & Williams LLP today. We will provide a free, no obligation consultation on your case - 1-877-944-8396.

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