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Dog Bite Lawyer Blog: Pennsylvania Dog Bite Numbers Increase from 2010

Posted on May 21, 2012

According to a May, 2012 State Farm dog bite claim report, the number of Pennsylvania dog bite claims made to State Farm increased from 163 claims in 2010 to 197 claims in 2011. California tops the list with over 500 claims. In addition, the average cost of a dog bite claim has risen by roughly $3,000. 

Dog bites tend to involve children, who often suffer serious injuries and scarring as a result. Most dog bites are preventable. Bites tend to occur when a dog is ill, unproperly socialized, abused, or bred inappropriately. Trainers, breeders, and owners must pay attention to these issues and remain vigilant, especially when dogs are around young children. In fact, infants and young children should never be left alone with a dog.

Liability in a dog bite case can include parties in addition to the dog owner. For example, a dog breeder who failed to warn about an overly aggressive trait in a litter or a dog trainer who increases aggresssion could be liable in a dog bite situation. In addition, a dog sitter who fails to maintain control of the dog could also face liability. Common claims include:

  • failure to warn,
  • negligent breeding,
  • negligent training, or
  • negligent control.

Many victims of dog bites are unaware of the potential for additional claims and will only sue the dog owner. This may limit the amount recovered because most dog owners' homeowners or renters insurance policies are capped at $100,000 or $300,000. In serious injury and death cases, it is crucial to properly investigate the case to determine liability of all parties.

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