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Former College Football Players Sue NCAA For Head Injuries|PA NJ Sports Injury Lawyer

Posted on Dec 06, 2013

Earlier this week, two former college football players, who played for the University of Missouri from 1987-1991, sued the NCAA for head injuries allegedly sustained while playing football.  In the complaint, they allege that the NCAA put players at risk by ignoring warnings about the dangers of concussions and other traumatic head injuries. The two former college football players are seeking medical monitoring that would provide early diagnosis and treatment of neurological injuries. *Source: http://www.stltoday.com (Ex-Mizzou football players file concussion suit against NCAA); www.espn.go.com (Players sue NCAA for head Injuries)

One of the players alleges that he suffered traumatic brain injuries in practices and games.  He now has headaches, dizziness, impulse control problems and depression among other problems.

The second player also claims that he suffers head injuries.  In fact, two of his hits sustained during games were so severe that they were featured on ESPN’s “Hits of the Week” during the 1991 season. He now suffers from headaches, depression, sleep problems and numbness and tingling sensations.

There are other similar lawsuits around the country filed by former college football players.

The allegations of this suit are similar to the lawsuit filed by retired NFL players against the NFL.  The lawsuit against the NFL was settled this past August for $765 million.  See The NFL Settles Lawsuit Related To Concussions And Permanent Brain Injuries For $765 Million

Preventing Head Injuries & Traumatic Brain Injuries While Playing Football

With heightened awareness surrounding concussions in the NFL, the NCAA should also tune in to this issue.  With more and more lawsuits filed by former college football players, the NCAA should consider taking steps to protect football players. 

For example, the NCAA can follow the lead of the NFL by limiting the number of full contact practices per week.  Every hit a college football player takes during practice, in addition to the hits during the game, is one step closer to sustaining a permanent brain injury.

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