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New Jersey Sports Accidents and the Law-Child Injuries in Sports Accidents

Posted on Mar 04, 2012

Just yesterday, a paralyzed 17 year old teenager from Massachusetts returned to the ice after his 2010 hockey injury.  His beautiful story is one of courage, determination and positivity. 

Despite being paralyzed, this teenager wheeled onto the ice and dropped the first puck in a local Bruins game. 

According to the teen’s coach, the accident happened when the teen was bumped by opposing team members, lost his balance and hit his head on the plexi-glass.  He suffered fractures to his neck, at C4 and C5. 

While his accident was described as a freak accident, we see these types of accidents quite frequently.  In many similar situations, no one is to blame.  However, some of the most common reasons why students become injured in sporting accidents are:

  • defective equipment, including helmets and protective gear
  • mismatching players, putting a low-skill player in a high-skill environment
  • negligence of coaching staff
  • failing to monitor players
  • failing to inspect the play area for defects
In serious injury cases, it is important to have the case evaluated by an experienced, respected injury lawyer, one who will have experts perform analysis on the location of the accident and check for defective gear like a faulty helmet.

In the worst case scenario, there is no case, but the injured and their family will get answers about what happened and feel confident they exhausted all options.  In the best case scenario, there will be a case and eventually financial recovery to help pay for future medical expenses.

Visit our sports accident page for information about Pennsylvania and New Jersey sports accident laws.  Our most recent free legal article discusses waivers of liability in New Jersey sports accidents.

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