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PA Brain Injury Lawyer Discusses Healthy Kids & Safe Sports Concussion Summit

Posted on Jun 10, 2014

There’s no doubt that concussions and brain injuries associated with sports, such as football, basketball, hockey, etc., have been an increasing concern.  With recent media reports of NFL players filing a lawsuit for permanent brain injuries sustained while playing football and high school football players dying after sustaining significant blows to their heads during the games, concussions and long term effects associated with traumatic brain injuries have become a growing concern for many parents.

Last week, President Obama hosted the Healthy Kids and Safe Sports Concussion Summit at the White House.  The goal of the summit was to advance research, but also highlight approaches and detection of concussions sustained by children while playing sports.  Another goal was to highlight prevention of concussions.  *Source: Forbes (President Obama To Convene White House Summit On Youth Concussions)

Research has shown that children’s brains may be more vulnerable than adult brains to repeated hits.  Therefore, coaches and parents need to know how to identify concussions and how to evaluate them. 

President Obama wanted to make clear that sports-related concussions are a national priority and deserve a place in the national discussion.  The President’s goal was to produce a united effort among different sport organizations, such as the NFL, NCAA and MLS, to conduct new research and suggest ways for parents, coaches, physicians to not only prevent concussions, but spot them earlier with more effective treatments.

As a result of the summit, there will be a collaboration between the Department of Defense (DOD) and the NCAA to fund a major clinical study to evaluate effects of head impacts and resulting concussions in youth going forward.

There will also be long term research which will track and follow children playing sports at a young age into their high school years.

Devastating Effects Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

When children and adults sustain concussions on a regular basis, they are at a risk of developing permanent brain injuries or traumatic brain injuries.  The effects of traumatic brain injuries are life changing.  Many suffer cognitive deficits such as memory loss, both long term and short term, personality changes and inability to control impulses.

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Is There Any Legal Recourse For Victims Of Brain Injuries Sustained While Playing Sports?

Though concussions are part of many sports, some of the players’ head injuries that led to permanent brain injuries or traumatic brain injuries may have been prevented.  If the brain injuries were due to the coaches, organizations or trainers’ negligence, the players may be entitled to financial compensation. 

For example, if a player sustained a concussion, was told by the coach to get back in the game without proper medical evaluation and suffers a permanent injury after he sustains a second hit to the head, the coach may be liable because he did not properly assess the player.  If the player was properly evaluated, the player should have been benched due to his concussion.

If you have questions about sports related concussions, call Daniel J. O’Brien, a sports injury lawyer in PA and NJ to discuss your case.  Mr. O’Brien is an experienced sports accident injury lawyer and a life-long athlete who knows when coaches and trainers act negligently.  877.944.8396 

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