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PA Child Injury Accidents – Two Recent Accidents Involving Fly Away Inflatable Bounce Houses

Posted on Jun 10, 2014

Earlier this month in Colorado, two kids were injured after an inflatable bounce house flew across a field during a lacrosse game while they were in it.  A gust of wind picked up the bounce house while two kids were in it.  A young girl was injured after she was thrown about 8 feet into the air.  Another boy was also injured.  *Source: www.time.com (2 Kids Injured After Another Bounce House Gets Blown Away)

Just weeks before this incident in mid-May, two boys were also injured when they fell 15 feet out of an inflatable bounce house in upstate New York.  At times, the bounce house flew as high as 50 feet in the air.  Two boys and a girl were playing in the bounce house at an outdoor event.  The bounce house was held down by stakes, and it broke loose from the stakes as a result of the wind.  All three kids fell out of the bounce house.  The two boys were seriously injured.  One of the boys landed on a parked car, and the other boy landed on asphalt.  The girl only suffered minor scrapes and bruises.  www.myfox8.com('Bounce house’ with three children inside blown away by gust of wind)

Inflatable rides have become very popular.  With the rides’ growing popularity, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has also linked increased injuries associated with inflatable rides.

In 2011, a National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials spokesman, Jim Barber, said that bounces houses are probably the most dangerous amusement rides after several inflatable rides flew away at an event in New York. *Source: www. USA.Today (NY accident illuminates perils of 'bounce houses')

Barber went on to say that the problem is not the rides, it’s the way they are set up, supervised and operated.

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Any Legal Remedies For The Injured Children?

If the inflatable rides/houses were negligently set up, injured children in these situations may have legal claims against the companies that rented out or set up the inflatable houses/rides.

Many companies that provide the inflatable rides drop them off at parties or events with little instructions.  The people who rent them are left to set up the rides themselves.  If inadequate instructions are provided, inflatable rides may not be properly set up.  Thus, the rides are prone to fly away when there is a gust of wind because they are not secured.  In these situations, the companies may be held liable because they did not provide proper instructions.

If the companies do set up the inflatable rides, but do so negligently, i.e., not properly securing the rides, the injured victims will likely have claims against them.

If you or a loved one was injured while on an inflatable ride, call Daniel J. O’Brien, Esq. to discuss your case.  Mr. O’Brien, an experienced recreational activity accident injury lawyer, will take the time and give you the attention you deserve to answer all of your questions and concerns.  877.944.8396

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