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PA & NJ Food Allergy & Injury–Girl Bullied Due To Nut Allergy

Posted on Oct 29, 2015

PA & NJ Food Allergy & Injury News – 14 Year Old Bullied At School Due To Nut Allergy

As we have discussed in our previous PA & NJ food allergy blogs, children with food allergies are often bullied. See PA & NJ Food Allergy & Injury Cases – Children With Food Allergies Are Often Bullied

Recently, a 14 year old high school student spoke out about her experiences with school bullies. 

The 14 year old girl who resides in Washington State is allergic to nuts.  In fact, she has a severe allergy to nuts.  Touching nuts can be deadly for the girl.  She says she is often made fun of and bullied for her allergies.  In the most recent incident, a boy threw a peanut into her pasta knowing that she has a nut allergy as a prank.  What’s worse is that the boy was laughing about it after throwing the peanut into her food.

The girl’s parents say that this prank at the school went too far.  This is not a joke.  Their daughter could have died if she ate the peanut in her pasta.  The school said that it would discipline the boy, but would not reveal what the disciplinary actions were. 

The girl’s family is not demanding disciplinary actions for the boy.  Rather, they are demanding that an educational seminar be held for all students and teachers on the dangers of food allergy.  Students and teachers have to be aware of how serious a food allergy can be, as well as the kids’ parents. In addition, they want the school to do something about the bullying.

Legal Ramifications Of Bullying

Parents of kids who bully other children may be held liable for their children’s actions if they fail to prevent their children’s bullying behavior.  For instance, parents of a bully were made aware of their child’s behavior, such as throwing peanuts in the lunch of a girl who has a severe peanut allergy.  However, the parents do nothing to talk to their child about the seriousness of a food allergy and think that the incident was just an innocent prank.  The child does it again, and this time the girl eats the peanut and goes into anaphylactic shock. 

In this situation, the bully’s parents may be held liable for failing to take appropriate and reasonable action, such as talking to their child, after being informed by the school of their child’s bullying behavior.

Help After Accidental Exposures To Food Allergens In PA & NJ

If you or a loved one was exposed to a food allergen due to the negligence of a restaurant, bar, school, etc., you have legal rights.  Call our personal injury lawyers who are licensed in PA and NJ to schedule a FREE consultation. 877.944.8396

*Source: www.q13fox.com (Bremerton family says recent prank at school could have killed their daughter)

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