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Pit Bull Attacks Oct. '14 - By A PA & NJ Dog Attack Lawyer

Posted on Nov 03, 2014

Last month, there were several serious pit bull attacks around the country, and some of attacks ended the victims' lives.  One of the pit bull attacks was just outside Philadelphia, in Newark, Delaware.

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8 Year Old Girl Attacked By A Pit Bull

An 8 year old girl was coming home with her 15 year old sister from McDonald's.  The home's garage had been converted into an apartment for the little girl's 17 year old brother.  The dog belonged to the little girl's mother's ex-husband and was staying with the brother in the garage apartment.  *Source: www.nbcphiladelphia.com (Surgeons Reattach Girl's Arm After Pit Bull Attack)

When the girls came home, they heard the pit bull making noise, thought it had to go out to the bathroom and let the pit bull out. 

The pit bull then went into attack mode and went after the 8 year old girl.  The girl was bit in the hip which knocked her down.  The dog then attacked her arm.  The dog nearly tore off her arm, which was barely attached.  Her sister tried to fight the dog off, called 911 and applied pressure to the little girl's arm to keep her from bleeding to death.  When authorities arrived, the dog would not let them near the girls.  An officer shot and killed the pit bull. 

The little girl was transported to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and needed major surgery to reattach the arm.  She still needs several surgeries and extensive physical therapy in the upcoming months.

83 Year Old Woman Killed During A Pit Bull Attack

An 83 year old woman in Robeson County, NC died after being mauled by 4 pit bulls.  The woman was attacked by the pit bulls in her front yard at the end of October.  The dogs belonged to her granddaughter who was living with her. The woman's scalp had been removed, and all of her limbs were severely mauled.  She died 1 week after the attack.  *Source: www.centralnc.twcnews.com (Robeson Co. Woman Killed By Pit Bull Attack)

54 Year Old Man Died After Mauled By 4 Pit Bulls

A 54 year old man from Modesto, California and his 77 year old mother were viciously attacked by 4 pit bulls that belonged to a neighbor.  The man died after the attack, and his mother was critically injured from the mauling.  *Source: www.news10.net (Modesto man killed, mother critically injured by pack of dogs)

PA & NJ Dog Attack Victims' Legal Rights

Victims of dog attacks may sustain serious injuries.  Young children and the elderly often sustain the most serious injuries or even death, like the above dog attacks.  Dog attack victims and their families may have legal rights against the dog owners in addition to other parties such as dog trainers, breeders, etc.

If you would like to talk to a dog attack injury lawyer in PA or NJ about an attack, call Daniel J. O'Brien, an experienced dog attack/bite injury lawyer.  FREE consultations. 877.944.8396

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