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Rottweiler Attacks A Child At A New Jersey Playground|NJ Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Posted on Jan 18, 2013

This past Saturday afternoon, a police officer responded to reports of two aggressive dogs running loose at a southern New Jersey playground.

When the officer arrived, he saw two large Rottweilers, 3 children and one adult.  One of the dogs went after one of the children, a 7-year old girl.  The girl's aunt tried to keep the dog away from the girl and was bitten in the arm as a result. 

The officer and the adult helped the kids onto an elevated structure on the playground.  The dog that bit the adult then attacked the officer, at which time he fired three shots and killed the dog.  The second Rottweiler ran off after the shots were fired.

Thankfully, none of the children were injured.

Currently, an investigation is being conducted and charges for the dogs' owner are pending.

Unlike Pennsylvania, a "leash law" requiring owners to keep their dogs under proper and adequate control does not exist in New Jersey.  However, New Jersey towns can create their own leash ordinances and guidelines.

If the children or adult were seriously injured in this situation, they may still have a case against the dogs' owner despite the fact that a "leash law" does not exist.

Serious Injuries From Dog Attacks

Victims of dog attacks often suffer serious injuries.  In addition, many victims, who are often children, need plastic and reconstructive surgeries. The reason is that many children who are attacked by dogs are bitten in the face.  Not only do the children need surgery immediately after the attack, they also often need several reconstructive surgeries in subsequent years.

Help After A Dog Attack In New Jersey & Pennsylvania

If your child was attacked and bitten by a dog, he or she may also suffer traumatic emotional injuries.  In addition, medical expenses may pile up.  You want to make sure your child's interests are protected.  He or she may be entitled to compensation.  Talk to our experienced dog attack injury lawyers today about your child's dog attack.  We have helped many victims and their families in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  877.944.8396

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