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Traumatic Brain Injury In High School Football & Lawsuits

Posted on Oct 07, 2014

PA & NJ Sports Injuries - Head Injuries & Traumatic Brain Injuries In High School Football

Everyone knows that football is a contact sport, and players are exposed to risks of injuries.  One of those risks is sustaining a head injury or a traumatic brain injury.  Recently, there were 3 football players who died of head injuries in the same week last month.

Long Island High School Football Player Died After A Collision

A 16 year old high school football player from Long Island died after a collision on the field.  The player crashed into another player during a game.  He stood up after the collision, collapsed and died shortly afterwards.*

Alabama High School Football Player Died After Making A Tackle

A 17 year old football player in Alabama died two days after he collapsed after making a tackle during the first half of the game.  Despite what the neurologist told the coach, which was that the player had an aneurysm that had nothing to do with football, his father said otherwise.  The father posted on his Facebook account that his son had a brain hemorrhage, not an aneurysm, that was caused by a hit he took during a game.  The father went on to say that he may have had a pre-existing condition, but there is no way to tell now. 

North Carolina High School Football Player Died On The Field

A 17-year-old student in North Carolina died after he collapsed on the field before a game.  The cause of death is not yet known.

Though the cause of these recent football players' deaths are under investigation, there has been a lot of speculation whether the cause of these deaths is related to a brain injury or if the players had concussions and returned to play too soon.

There has been a lot of media attention regarding brain injuries caused by playing football.  Both the NFL and NCAA have faced head injury lawsuits regarding their handling of head injuries sustained by players.  See NFL Faces Lawsuit Related to Concussions and Permanent Brain Injuries From Former Football Players, Former College Football Players Sue NCAA For Head Injuries.

Legal Rights Of Injured Football Players

If football players sustain permanent brain injuries or die as a result of the head injuries, the players and their families have legal rights.  Though no amount of money can be equated to the loss of a life, it is the only way the family of a deceased player can seek justice.

If the coach, school and/or trainers were negligent and caused the players to sustain head injuries, then injured players and the family of a deceased player can recover from the coach/school by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Help After A Head Injury, Concussion Or Traumatic Brain Injury

If you or a loved one sustained a serious head injury while playing sports, you may have legal rights if the injury was caused by someone's negligence.  Daniel J. O'Brien is a life-long athlete who knows how to handle traumatic brain injury cases due to sports injuries.  Call for a FREE case evaluation. 877.944.8396


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