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Who Is Responsible For A Recent PA Bus Accident That Led To 11 Injuries? By A PA Car Accident Lawyer

Posted on May 05, 2014

Last Friday morning on May 2, 2014, 11 people were injured in a Pennsylvania school bus accident.  It happened during rush hour when a pickup truck crashed into the right side of a William Penn School District school bus that was crossing through the intersection.  There were 8 children on the bus.

11 people, including the 8 children, were injured in the pickup truck/school bus accident, and they were all transported to a local hospital for treatment. *Source (8 injured after truck, school bus collide in Pa.)  The accident is still under investigation.

Parents of injured kids on the school bus are, no doubt, put through the ringer when they are told that their children were in a school bus accident.  First and foremost, they are worried about their child’s health and safety and want to make sure they are not hurt.  If they are hurt, parents want to make sure that their children receive all the necessary and proper medical treatments.  Lastly, in the interests of their children, they may contemplate filing a motor vehicle accident lawsuit for their child.

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Potential Liable Parties & Claims Made In A PA Bus Accident Lawsuit

Responsible parties in a school bus accident lawsuit may include:

  • the negligent driver who caused the school bus accident;
  • the school bus driver; and/or
  • the school.

In a school bus accident caused by another driver, like the one that happened this past Friday, injured individuals may file a claim against the driver.  For the minor kids, their parents would file a lawsuit on behalf of their children as their legal parent and guardian.

The driver may be negligent, and therefore liable because of the following:

  • talking or texting on a cell phone or smartphone while driving;
  • failing to observe traffic signals, i.e., drove through a red light;
  • failing to yield to oncoming traffic while attempting to make a left turn; or
  • driving at an excessive speed.

If a Pennsylvania bus accident was caused by the bus driver, then the bus driver and the school may be sued.  Like the negligent driver in the above situation where the school bus accident is caused by another driver, the school bus driver may have committed the same negligent acts in the above list. 

In addition, the school may be liable for the bus driver’s negligence.  For example, if the driver had a history of using his cell phone while driving and the school knew about it, but did nothing, the school may be liable for the children’s injuries and damages for not firing the bus driver.

Help After A PA School Bus Accident

If your child or children were injured in a school bus accident caused by another driver or the bus driver, call Daniel J. O’Brien, Esq.  Mr. O’Brien has helped many bus accident victims recover financial compensation they are entitled to.  877.944.8396

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