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Worker Crushed By Ride At NC State Fair Days After The Vortex Ride Accident

Posted on Nov 06, 2013

Just days after the NC State Fair’s incident involving the Vortex ride, where 5 riders were injured after the ride restarted as the riders were getting off, a worker at the fair was crushed by another Vortex ride at the fair.  *Source: http://www.newsobserver.com (NC State Fair worker undergoes emergency surgery five days after accident)

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On October 27, 2013, a worker, hired by Powers Great American Midways to tear down rides and stands after the fair closed on Sunday, was injured when a set of seats of a Vortex ride fell on him.

The injured worker broke his back in three places, along with his left femur, ankle and toes, and was in critical condition.

According to another worker, tear-down workers were not provided with any safety equipment or training relating to tear-down work. When workers arrived, everybody rushed to break down the rides so they could be finished.

North Carolina’s Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Division is investigating the accident, and little details have been released.

Injured Worker’s Rights To Pursue Third Party Claims

In situations like this, workers who are injured while on the job can file workers’ compensation claims, but the injured workers may also file third party claims.  For example, if the set of seats fell on the worker in this case due to some design defect, the injured worker may file a lawsuit against the ride manufacturer. 

Another party that may be liable is a contractor who was hired to maintain the ride.  If the ride was not maintained properly and caused the seat to fall during breakdown, then the maintenance contractor/company may also be found liable for the worker’s injuries.  Therefore, there may be multiple parties liable for the worker’s injuries sustained while on the job.

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If you were injured at work in an accident and would like to discuss your legal rights, feel free to call the personal injury lawyers at White and Williams, LLP for a free legal consultation.  Daniel O’Brien, Esq. and his team have helped numerous workers injured while on the job. 877.944.8396

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