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Representation from a Lawyer and Lifelong Athlete

Sports accident lawyers at White and Williams represent injured athletes and those hurt at gyms and recreational areas throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.Sports accident lawyers at White and Williams represent injured athletes and those hurt at gyms and recreational areas throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.Individuals in NJ and PA who have been injured in accidents in the context of a sporting event, while training, while using athletic equipment or while on a school athletic field, face some unique challenges. These accidents occur during activities which carry some level of inherent risk. There are legal doctrines in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey that apply to these cases. These legal doctrines permit the defendants in these cases to raise defenses which would not be available had the accident occurred in a different context. Also, it is not uncommon for individuals participating in sports and recreation activities to have signed a Release and Waiver form.

Dan O'Brien has both a professional and personal background which enables him to navigate these legal and factual challenges in an effective manner.

Dan has been an athlete his entire life. After playing all of the usual team sports in his youth, Dan became very active in triathlon, bicycle racing, distance running and open water swimming. Dan has completed over 100 triathlons, including multiple iron man distance races. He has raced road and mountain bikes and has participated in innumerable running races and many open water swim competitions.

In addition to competing in all manner of sporting events, Dan is actively involved in sports and recreation management on a volunteer basis as well. He is the Athletic Director at his children's school, the president of the recreation association in his home town and coaches several youth baseball teams. Dan also serves on the Legal Committee of USA Triathlon, which is the national governing body for the sports of Triathlon and Duathlon, and the organization responsible for sending American Triathletes to the Olympic Games.

Being a personal injury attorney, and being involved with all of these sports and recreation activities, it was perhaps inevitable that Dan would be asked to represent individuals who were injured in the context of sports and recreational activities. This has resulted in Dan representing individuals injured in each of the following settings: 
  • Triathlon and bicycle racing accidents involving race management, course set up and traffic management
  • Motorists entering closed race courses
  • Bicycle component failures
  • Training equipment failures and malfunctions
  • Gymnasium and recreation center facilities management and crowd control
  • Hotel workout room accidents
  • Injuries involving faulty bicycle helmets
  • Motor vehicle accidents injuring individuals while on training rides or runs
  • School yard/school athletic field accidents

Dan's unique personal and professional background has led to him handling sports and recreation accident cases in other states, in addition to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He has partnered with attorneys from other states to handle serious matters in "foreign" jurisdictions.

These cases have involved some individuals who have suffered the most serious types of injuries imaginable -- quadriplegia, brain damage and similar life-altering injuries. Other cases have involved injuries which simply limit or end the client's ability to participate in their chosen sport. These "quality of life" cases present unique challenges for the attorney and the injured party -- how to communicate to the opposing side or the jury the vital importance of being able to live a healthy, active lifestyle and to be able to compete in athletic competitions later in life.

Dan very much enjoys handling sports and recreation cases. If you have been injured in a sport or recreation accident, or your child has been injured on an athletic field or a playground, Dan may be able to help you.

Daniel J. O'Brien and White and Williams serve clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including the following areas: Philadelphia, Conshohocken County, Montgomery County, Lehigh County, Northampton County, Luzerne County, Lackawanna County, Camden County, Mercer County, Monmouth County, Burlington County, Ocean County, Atlantic County, Cape May County .

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