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If You Have Been Injured In An Accident (Slip & Fall, Falling Merchandise, Unsafe Business Conditions, Etc.) Due To The Negligence Of Business Or Property Owners, We Can Help

Several different types of cases fall under the heading "Premises Liability." Basically, this category of cases includes a wide variety of cases arising out of the negligence of business owners and/or possessors of property.

Pennsylvania & New Jersey Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

Philadelphia PA & NJ slip & fall lawyers, dramp shop liability lawyer, and premises liability A common premises liability case in Pennsylvania and New Jersey is a slip, trip and fall accident case.  A pedestrian slips and falls on a sidewalk because the property owner failed to clear the ice and snow off of his walkways.  A pedestrian trips and falls on a walking surface due to dangerous obstructions.  For instance, tree debris and branches are scattered on a sidewalk outside a residential home, and a pedestrian trips over the debris.  The homeowner may be responsible for the pedestrian's injuries and accident because he failed to clear the dangerous obstructions, i.e., tree debris and branches.

Related Case Result: $900,000 settlement for a woman who fell down steps at PA hotel

Premises Liability Accidents in PA & NJ Businesses

Slip, trip and fall accidents also happen inside commercial business and establishments, such as restaurants, stores and hotels.  There are also other types of premises liability cases that happen in commercial establishments. 

A shopper can sustain injuries when merchandise falls off a store shelf.  Another shopper may be injured due to other unsafe conditions in the store.  A restaurant patron may be injured by improper or inadequate security. A landlord may be responsible for a tenant's injuries caused by the landlord's negligence.

Related Case Result: $350,000 settlement for a client who was injured due to inadequate security at a Philadelphia apartment building

Dram Shop Cases

Another type of premises liability case is a dram shop case, which holds a restaurant or bar responsible for the injuries caused by its patron due to the restaurant or bar's negligent sale or supply of alcoholic beverages to individuals. 

An example of this may be the following: A patron is served several alcoholic beverages at a bar.  The patron becomes visibly intoxicated.  He is stumbling and slurring his words.  Despite the fact that the patron is visibly intoxicated, the server continues to serve the patron drinks.  The patron leaves the bar and causes a serious car accident and injuries the other driver.  In this case, the bar may be held liable for the other driver's injuries, in addition to the intoxicated driver. 

While these cases are quite varied, the common element which binds these cases together in one "category" of cases is the unique legal duties which the law imposes upon business owners and possessors of land.

Dan O'Brien, Esq. and his team have vast experience in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey representing individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of business owners and/or possessors of land. These cases include significant recoveries on behalf of individuals injured at

  • amusement parks;
  • apartment tenants injured due to the landlord's failure to maintain the common areas of the apartment complex;
  • apartment tenants injured due to improper security of the apartment building;
  • customers at stores injured due to hazardous conditions at the stores;
  • hotel guests injured due to negligent maintenance of the hotel;
  • individuals injured as a result of liquor law violations;
  • repairmen injured due to dangerous conditions at the premises where they have been called in to do repairs;
  • individuals injured due to improper lighting;
  • individuals injured due to failure of property owners to maintain their sidewalks; and
  • numerous other types of cases falling under the broad category of business and premises liability.

If you or a loved one has been injured in this type of case, please feel free to order our free information books or to give us a call to see whether we can help you. We always offer FREE consultations.  We will take the time and give you the attention you deserve to answer all of your questions and concerns. 877.944.8396

For more information, below are legal articles regarding PA & NJ slip, trip and fall accidents, negligent security injury cases, dram shop cases, etc.

*Last updated on February 9, 2015

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