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Hi.  My name is Rose. I was involved in an auto accident in November of 2006.  As a result of the accident, I sustained serious personal injuries, short term memory loss.  In addition I had developed thoracic outlet syndrome which is a condition with my shoulder and neck area that required surgery.  Through a mutual friend, I was given Dan O’Brien’s name as a contact to help me as a result of the accident, whatever may come.  Initially when I got Dan’s name, I wasn’t even certain I would have to use him.  I had never previously used a lawyer, didn’t know how to contact one, had never been involved in litigation, had never ever filed a claim for anything so much as a homeowner’s policy nor an auto policy.  So all this was so completely new to me, new territory and I was just lost and having sustained a head injury was making it that much more difficult.  Dan really took me under his wing.  He and Julia together formed a team that I knew was my strongest advocate in this process.  There were times when I was just scared beyond belief as to what the future may bring, both financially and personally.  There were times when I would call Dan crying literally because I did not know what was coming down the pike.  I was scared for myself and my family.  I was the primary bread winner.  As a result of this incident, I lost my job and my life was completely turned around and Dan was there.  He was my advocate.  Julia and him both they dealt with everything from the minutia of details on procedurally on how things had to happen in the Court system which again I was completely unaware of and naive to.  They walked me through those processes.  I really felt at every step they were walking it with me in joint ownership.  I am thankful for that.  I am thankful that they were also just an ear to listen and to have to bounce ideas off of.  Unfortunately, this accident when it occurred, I was on my way to training event which came to be a workman’s comp claim which is probably the most horrible experiences of my life, having been involved in that.  It is not anything I ever wanted, believe me.  Having been employed for 19 years at a single organization, I lost my job and it was something I wasn’t ready for.  The comp business can be very cut throat and very, very ugly.  And I again I never thought that I would have to involve an attorney in any point in this process.  I really believed that if you did the right things and you were truthful that things would work out and it became very obvious that that wasn’t the case, that I had to protect myself .  I had most importantly to protect my family, my 2 small children.  The comp process, the attorney that I had in the beginning, things broke down pretty quickly.  I realized that I had some real exposures there.  Called Dan right away, not knowing who to call.  He geared me towards another attorney within a matter of days, shifted the whole process over and this is as the Court hearings were occurring and he worked jointly with the other attorney and it was seamless, it was very unobtrusive to me.  I didn’t, both processes worked out well and he partnered with my other attorney and worked it as one and I am completely thankful and grateful that I had somebody in my corner, who was, I knew in my heart would protect me and my family and take care of us in all the ways that we needed to be taken care of.

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