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Sports and Recreation Accident Cases|NJ & PA sports accident lawyers

Post Date: 6/7/12

This informative video gives a brief overview of sports and recreation accident cases. The video explains the types of sports and recreation accident cases, the applicable safety standards and challenges of presenting a sports and recreation accident case.

Q: What are sports and recreation accident cases?

A. Sports and recreation cases include instances in which the actual participant in the athletic event is injured.  These instances can arise from the following:

  • equipment failures,
  • improper or unsafe facilities,
  • improper supervision of an event, and
  • a gross mismatch.
Q: What is a gross mismatch?

A: This involves a coach matching the classic 95 lb. freshman  against a 250 lb. senior which results in serious injury to the smaller player.  Those types of mismatches shouldn't happen.

Q: Are there any safety standards that apply to sports and recreation accident cases?

A. There are recognized standards for facilities that host sporting events.  Courts and athletic fields need to have a buffer, or safety area, around them for the benefit of both the participants as well as the spectators.

Q. What is the challenge in a sports and recreation accident case?

A.  The challenge in these cases is very simple, athletic and recreational activities involve a certain degree of risk.  The only types of cases that the law permits us to pursue is when there is an unreasonable risk or extra risk injected into the event due to the negligence of the person in control or due to a product or facility that is just not safe.

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