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A Look Back At A NJ Slip & Fall Accident Case|NJ Personal Injury Lawyer

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In this particular case, I represented a very nice man who was seriously injured after a slip and fall accident at a local community center near his home in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

The community center offered a variety of recreational activities and sports for its members, as well as a fitness gym and a pool.  My client would go to the gym 2-3 times a week to work out.  He would swim, go on a treadmill or play basketball with other members of the community center. 

On the night of his accident, my client went to the community center and decided to play basketball.  Shortly after the game began, my client ran down the basketball court and slipped and fell on the floor due to an accumulation of water.  As a result of the fall, my client fractured and shattered his right ankle which required ankle surgery.  He also needed to have a metal plate and screws permanently implanted in his right leg.  The damage to his leg was so severe that he had permanent nerve damage and a permanent loss of range of motion in his leg and ankle.

We were able to establish that the community center was 100% negligent.  As a community center or gym, it had a duty to protect its patrons from unreasonably dangerous conditions, such as water on a basketball court. 

On the morning of my client’s slip and fall accident, the community center was notified of a water leak from the roof onto the basketball court.  The community center had over 8 hours to resolve the problem, but failed to do so.

I am not saying that the community center had to actually fix the roof leak that day, but it had to warn and protect its members from the slipping hazard on the basketball court. 

The community center could have done several simple things to prevent patrons from slipping and falling, such as:

  • posting a sign at the gym door stating that the basketball court was closed;
  • having a staff member stand at the gym door to notify members that the basketball court was closed;
  • putting cones around the water on the basketball court so members would know that they could not use the basketball court; or
  • turning off the lights on the basketball court to indicate that the basketball court was closed.

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Help After A NJ Slip & Fall Accident

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