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Cell Phone Use & Distracted Driving Accidents In PA & NJ – Can’t We Just Put Down Our Phones?

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Cell phone use has become a part of the lives of a lot of people.  Almost everyone has a cell phone, even young kids have cell phones.  Sure, cell phones are convenient. There’s no need to look for a pay phone if one has to make a call.  They are especially useful in emergency situations, such as a car accident or any other type of situations that require calling the police or 911.

However, they have also become a distraction in many aspects of people’s lives.  People are constantly looking at their cell phones.  They look at them when they are walking and may fall because they are not paying attention to where they are walking.  Pennsylvania and New Jersey drivers text or talk on their cell phones while driving.

Here's an example which shows just how distracting cell phones are.  I was at a mall the other day on my day off and saw the Easter Bunny looking down at his phone while waiting for kids to take pictures with him.  The mall had just opened, and it was during the middle of the week. Thus, the mall was not busy.  As I walked by the Easter Bunny, I saw him texting on his cell phone! When the Easter Bunny realized that I was walking by and saw him, he quickly tucked away his phone. 

Later when I was driving home, I was more aware of what other drivers were doing, probably because I was surprised to see the Easter Bunny texting on his phone.  Almost every driver I saw was using their phone in some way.  Some were talking on the phone, holding the phone to their ears.  Others were using the speaker function, talking into the phone; while others were texting while they were driving.

Philadelphia PA & NJ texting while driving car accident lawyerHow did we become so distracted in everything we do?  Worst of all, distracted driving causes serious and fatal accidents.  What is so important that drivers cannot put down their phones when they are driving? 

Though drivers are allowed to use their cell phones to talk while driving in PA, it is illegal for drivers to text and drive.  However, drivers continue to text and drive knowing that it is illegal.  It is almost as if drivers are addicted to their cell phones.  Every time a notification goes off that there is a new text or email, drivers instinctively grab their phones to check who texted or emailed them.

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PA & NJ Talking & Texting While Driving Accidents

Talking or texting while driving often leads to car, truck or pedestrian accidents.  Distracted drivers may rear-end a car ahead of them, cross the center lane and cause a head-on collision, drive through an intersection and cause a multi-vehicle accident, or hit a pedestrian lawfully crossing at a crosswalk.

The sad part is that PA and NJ distracted driving accidents are 100% avoidable.  Moreover, the distracted drivers never had any intention of hurting anyone.  The accidents do not only change the injured victims’ lives, but also the at-fault drivers who were texting while driving.  We see this time and time again in the car accident cases we handle. 

In a particular distracted driving accident case where my client sustained a traumatic brain injury, I also felt bad for the at-fault driver.  She was only 17 years old and had just gotten her license the week before the accident.  She was a good kid and on her way to her after school job.  She got a text and looked at it.  As she was getting the phone, she was coming around a curve.  She started to drive on the right shoulder.  She tried to get back on the road and steered the wheel to the left.  However, she over compensated, crossed the center line and hit my client’s car head-on.  My client’s car rolled over several times, and he was ejected out of his car.  He was lucky he was alive, but sustained catastrophic orthopedic injuries and a permanent traumatic brain injury.  His life was never the same after that.  He couldn’t return to his job because of his brain injury.  The teen driver’s life was not the same after that either.  She felt such remorse for what she had done that she will carry it with her for the rest of her life.

Drivers need to stay focused while they drive.  Can’t we just put down the phones?

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Help After Being Injured In A Car Accident Caused By A PA Distracted Driver

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