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Peanut Allergies and The Importance of EpiPens

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Adults and parents of children with serious peanut allergies must be diligent and are always reading food labels. They have to. Peanuts and peanut oils can be found in all kinds of unsuspecting food products. Ice cream and granola bars may contain peanuts. Other foods and even meals ordered at restaurants may be cooked or fried with peanut oil.

Two years ago, a middle school student died after eating food which had been cooked with peanut oil. Chinese food had been ordered as part of a classroom celebration. Despite the fact that when ordering, the teacher indicated that one of the students had a peanut allergy, the food was still prepared with peanut oil.

About five years ago, a 13 year old girl died after eating a sandwich at her local mall food court, a sandwich she had eaten many times before without incident. That day, at the mall, however, she ingested a massive amount of peanut protein and died a mere 20 minutes later. Despite the fact that she had a severe peanut allergy, she nor her mom thought to bring her EpiPen with them on their trip to the mall. It was an innocent mistake, one that anyone would have made. No one really thinks to bring an EpiPen with them on a shopping trip to the local mall, especially when eating a sandwich they've eaten before, many times without incident.

Food allergies are on the rise and very dangerous. Whether it's peanuts, milk, shellfish, or wheat, parents of children with these allergies must be vigilant. The problem is that peanut oil is used to cook and prepare foods and is also used in additives for food and things like cosmetics. That's why EpiPens are crucial, and these two peanut allergy deaths underscore the importance of having EpiPens nearby in case of an emergency.

Having an EpiPen is crucial, especially for those with severe food allergies. There should be an EpiPen in the classroom, the car, at home, and depending on the circumstances, with the child at all times.

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