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What You Need To Know If You Were Attacked And Injured By An Unleashed Dog In Pennsylvania

Published: 7-11-12

If you were attacked or bitten by an unleashed dog in Pennsylvania, you probably sustained injuries from the attack.  Your injuries may be so severe that you needed extensive medical care and even surgery.

Did you know that Pennsylvania has a "leash law" that requires dogs to be under proper and adequate control? This means that the dogs must be:

  • confined to an owner’s property; or
  • maintained within reasonable control of the owner or another person.

The purpose of the Pennsylvania leash law is to require dog owners to prevent their dogs from running at large.  In the case, Baehr v. Commonwealth ex rel. Lower Merion Township, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania states that the protection of the public's health and safety is attained when dogs are safely secured or closely accompanied when not so confined.

Therefore, if there is a violation of the leash law, the owner can be held responsible for the dog attack if it is shown that the violation was unexcused and that the violation substantially contributed to the attack.  If the owner is held responsible, you may be able to recover for your pain and suffering and the expenses associated with your medical care because of the dog attack.

Help After Being Attacked By A Dog

If you were attacked by a dog that was unleashed, it is important that you talk to an experienced dog attack or dog bite lawyer in Pennsylvania to prepare and present your case.  Each case is different, and in order to hold the dog owner responsible for your injuries, the evidence needs to show that the dog was not under "proper and adequate control."

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