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Parents and School Supervisors - Be Aware of Head Injuries on Playgrounds

Head Injuries & Playground Accidents

Head injuries on playgrounds can be very serious. Many people do not know that a minor head injury can lead to a serious brain injury. In fact, a serious head injury can occur even if there was no loss of consciousness. In addition, if repeated concussions occur within days, weeks or even months of each other, second impact syndrome can lead to severe cognitive defects.

Children & Playgrounds

Children are at particular risk for sustaining injuries on playgrounds. Falls remain the number one type of accident on a play structure or playground. Whether for recreation on a weekend or at  recess during a school day, children can and do sustain head injuries on playgrounds. Especially for young, developing brains, head injuries can result in long lasting cognitive defects.

Safety Awareness Leads to Prevention of Playground Accidents

Parents and school administrators alike should be aware of how falls and head injuries can occur on a playground. Education leads to prevention. Here are the main reasons why playground accidents and injuries, including head injuries occur:

1. allowing older and younger children to play in the same area,

2. allowing ball play in areas containing high play structures,

3. improper play structure height,

4. improper surface,

5. lack of control/supervision,

6. lack of maintenance of the play structures and surrounding area.

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