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Property Owners May Be Liable For PA Pedestrians' Trip And Fall Accidents And Injuries On Sidewalks (Part 1)

Summer time is when most people enjoy engaging in outdoors activities.  One of the things that a lot of people enjoy doing in the summer is taking walks.  Unfortunately, taking walks can also result in trip and fall accidents.  Some falls are minor, which result in scrapes and bruises, but some falls result in serious injuries, such as broken ankles, fractured wrists, or even broken shoulders.

PA Homeowners Are Responsible For Maintaining Their Sidewalks

If a pedestrian falls because of a dangerous condition on the sidewalk, the party responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalk may be sued.  Under Pennsylvania trip and fall law, homeowners are responsible for the sidewalks’ condition in front of their homes.  In other words, homeowners have to make sure that the sidewalks in front of their homes do not create dangerous tripping hazards for pedestrians. 

For homeowners with brick sidewalks in front of their homes, they have to be extra diligent and make sure the brick sidewalks do not expose pedestrians to tripping hazards.  The reason is because of the nature of the bricks. 

Unlike a typical cement sidewalk made from multiple large slabs, brick sidewalks are made from many bricks.  Therefore, each individual brick has a likelihood of becoming raised or missing after a period of time.  If the bricks are raised or missing, pedestrians are likely to fall.  If the homeowners had actual notice that the brick sidewalks were in need of repair but did nothing to repair them, they will be liable for the injuries sustained by pedestrians. Actual notice is when homeowners actually knew about the dangerous tripping hazard on the sidewalk prior to the pedestrian’s accident.

This is exactly what happened in one of my Pennsylvania trip and fall accident cases. 

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