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Another High School Football Player Passes Away After A Head Injury Sustained During A Game

Posted on Nov 18, 2013

In recent months, it seems as if there is a headline or news report about fatalities or brain injuries sustained by football players across the country every week.  Head injuries are an issue at every level of football, including pee wee, high school, college and professional.

Just last week, a high school football player from Arizona died after suffering a critical head injury during a playoff game.  The young football player was tackled but his head hit the ground hard.  It appeared at first that he was okay and remained in the game for two more plays before collapsing. Though he was conscious when transported to the hospital, the high school football player’s condition quickly worsened and he unfortunately passed away. *Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com (Hopi High School Football Player Dies Of Traumatic Brain Injury Days After Game: AIA)

Back in September, a 16 year old football player died in New York, also due to critical head injuries after a helmet-to-helmet hit.  Then, in October, a 17 year old high school football player in West Virginia died after he suffered a brain injury during a football game. See Importance Of Recognizing Signs Of Concussion Sustained In A Football Game To Avoid A Permanent Brain Injury

Earlier this month, Tony Dorsett, a retired NFL player, announced that he was diagnosed with brain disease as a result of multiple head traumas and concussions he sustained during his career.  See An Increasing Number Of Retired NFL Players Are Developing Brain Diseases Due To Concussions Sustained During Their Careers

These headlines are a stark reminder that football at any level can be dangerous. 

Preventing Brain Injuries For Football Players

In an effort to protect football players, there have been studies conducted by researchers to help develop helmets that will better protect players’ heads during impacts.  Measures must continue be taken in order to ensure the safety of all players at all levels. 

In addition, coaches and team physicians have to look out for their players.  Even if players seem okay after sustaining a hard hit, they can perhaps bench the player for a few more plays or the rest of the game even if the player seems okay.

Further, high school coaches must properly train and teach their players about proper tackling in order to avoid helmet-to-helmet impacts.  The players also need to be properly conditioned so that they are physically ready to handle hits during football.

When these safety precautions and measures are not followed, tragedies happen.

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Help After Sustaining A Traumatic Brain Injury Due To Someone Else’s Negligence

If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of a coach, sport organization or school, feel free to contact Daniel O’Brien, a sports injury lawyer in PA and NJ, for a free consultation.

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