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See and hear what our clients have to say about their experiences with us. We have helped innumberable residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania with their personal injury cases, resulting in happy, satisfied clients who are proud to call us their lawyers.

Hi, my husband and I were on our way to our daughter’s.  It was about Valentine’s Day.  It was February 13.  It will be 3 years, and we were going up for a little Valentine's visit.  We were hit head on, on our way to our daughter’s house.  A car came right across into our lane and hit us pretty hard.  I had several injuries and a concussion, and my husband was also injured.  We needed help.  We never needed to seek out an attorney before for a reason like this.  We did some investigating, and we found Dan O'Brien at White and Williams by a pretty in depth search on the internet.  We liked his background. We liked the firm.  We liked their philosophy.  When we called and talked to Dan, we were convinced that he would be a good fit for us. He was available to us whenever we needed him.  Not only professionally, but personally gave our case the dignity that that we felt that it should have.  After that, we worked with Dan for a while, and he did everything he could to make sure that we were taken care of appropriately.  I would highly recommend White and Williams, Dan O’Brien.

Help After A Pennsylvania Car Accident

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident in Pennsylvania, feel free to contact Dan O'Brien to schedule a free consultation. 877.944.8396

Hi, my name is Barbara. My husband was driving a motorcycle, and a truck hit him.  He ultimately ended up in the trauma unit, in the ICU where he languished for 3 1/2 weeks and then ultimately passed away.

Dan O’Brien was highly recommended to me so I chose Dan. He helped me with a settlement with the other insurance company. I found Dan to be very confident. Well, I felt very confident about Dan, and I felt he did his job very well. He kept me informed and always returned my phone calls. He included my 2 grown children in conversations. They were free to call him at any time and ask questions. Overall, I feel my experience with Dan was very good. I was very pleased with the outcome and very pleased with Dan’s overall handling of the case.

Help After A Pennsylvania Motorcycle/Truck Accident

If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle/truck accident in Pennsylvania, feel free to contact Dan O'Brien to schedule a free consultation. 877.944.8396

Hi, my name is Leigh.  I am a client of Dan O'Brien and White and Williams. He successfully represented me in a fall injury case.  I would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for high quality representation.  He was always easy to get a hold of. He truly seemed to care about what was going on in the case and in my life as well. Again, I highly recommend Dan O'Brien and White and Williams.

My wife and I found Dan on his website.  The 3 things we were looking for in an attorney were expertise, integrity and compassion.

My wife fell through a chair a few years ago. When we met Dan, we realized he was very experienced in that type of incident.  Also, in meeting with him the first time, his honesty and truthfulness came through.  That gave us a lot of confidence that he was someone with high integrity.  Thirdly, he had compassion. 

We felt really confident and secure in Dan and that he really had my wife's best interest at heart.

So, on the 3 things we were looking for in an attorney: expertise, integrity and compassion, Dan far exceeded our expectations.


My name is Kevin. I found Dan O'Brien on his website on the internet. I had a serious accident.  I was doing some research on the accident, and I came across Dan's site. 

Dan was very prompt. I contacted him through the website.  Dan got back to me within minutes.  He was very thorough.  He followed the process from beginning to end in a very rapid manner. 

Dan was always extremely honest with me. I would absolutely refer him to anybody who suffered any kind of injury.


My name is Ambrose Murphy. September 10, 20120, I was involved in an automobile collision. The negligent driver ran the stop sign. I frankly have suffered physical trauma and I needed legal assistance.

I am most pleased with the ethical, thoughtful and hard work done by Dan O'Brien, Louisa Chen and Julia Lee.

Mr. O'Brien has an excellent team and they function so that it's seamless. When I would speak to one, I would know that the information was disseminated in the group.  Whether it was regarding Medicare, which was involved in my case because of my age.  I could not be more pleased with how they functioned. 

It was an experience for me, and it is an experience that should anyone else need legal help on a personal injury case, I would certainly refer them to Dan O'Brien and his team. They are ethical. The are hard working.  They kept me advised. Any questions I had, they answered directly. 

I couldn't be more pleased with the way they functioned right to the day of settlement.

Hi my name’s Bogdan. I’ve been represented by Julia and Dan at White and Williams. I’ve been hurt at my apartment complex where I used to live, where I fall, where I guess I slip and fall.  I’ve been hurt really badly. So, I found out, basically somebody recommended me White and Williams.  And from my previous experience, I didn’t know what to expect.  But I’ve been really really surprised at the way they treat me. They couldn’t have treated any better than they did. They were always for me any time I need them. And everything works for me well. If I could recommend anybody from the bottom of my heart, as those two people and I believe the whole firm. But especially those two people, Julia and Dan, and the firm White and Williams.

Win was in a life-altering car accident with a dump truck.  A dump truck lost control as it rounded a curve on a two lane road near Allentown, Pennsylvania and crashed into Win's small four door car.  Win suffered severe injuries including: a torn aorta, punctured lung, flail chest, concussion, severely fractured left femur, broken right ankle, broken right foot, requiring multiple surgeries and a total of 20 screws and 2 plates. The White and Williams car accident team filed the case in Philadelphia and successfully resolved Win's case within a short period of time.
See and hear from Win:

Hi.  My name is Win.  On May 20, 2008, my life was forever changed.  I was involved in an auto accident involving a 20 ton dump truck which had gone into a tail spin and struck me as I was sitting dead still in a curb.  I was knocked sideways and was later to find out that I had 2 broken legs, 3 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a concussion and the most horrific thing of all a torn aorta.  I was rushed to the hospital and by the grace of God and some incredible surgeons, my life was saved.  After the accident my family and friends said are you going to sue, I said well yeah, we have to do something.  My brother-in-law who was involved with OSHA worked with the White and Williams company.  He said let me do some calls and find out who they really recommend.  Well after like 3 phone calls, they said who would you recommend as the best person for this case and 3 phone calls later, 3 people came up with the same name, Dan O’Brien and so I said that’s it we are going to call him.  We called Sunday night and he actually returned our call Monday morning and within a week he came to Allentown to visit me in the Good Shepherd Home and we talked about it and on the spot I hired him.  This person, this firm is the most incredible force that you could ever imagine for my case.  They did all the leg work.  They did all the paperwork.  They couldn’t have been nicer to me.  They went out of their way to do what they could to help in an incredibly short time and I should also say that the person talked to the most was Julia Lee and I learned so much from that lady on the phone.  At times she would, I would have my hopes built up and then she tell me things and I’d go down and then the next time she would talk to me I would have my hopes back up.  It was just an incredible journey.  If you have any concerns.  If you have any need for professional help, please consider White and Williams.  Thank you.

My name is Tyrone.  I was involved in an industrial accident, 2001.  I was first introduced to Mr. Dan O’Brien back in 2002.  Previous I was involved in an accident where I had already got an attorney but at the time it went on about a year this attorney did not further my case, investigation.   But then I was introduced to Dan O’Brien by a lawyer friend of his.  He took my case.  He was genuinely concerned about me and so I was very interested in him taking my case.  I thank him for the work he has did.  As I was hurt and going through the case, he was there at all times to help me understand what was going on about my case and you know what others would be saying from the defense side about, you know, what I was trying to do to get profit whatever.  But Dan told me that, you know, just be truthful about everything and that’s one reason why I was so concerned about using Mr. O’Brien because of my faith base, you know, and I always believe that truth will prevail and he was very concerned about about, you know, things being done right.  So I thank him for all that he has done through the whole process of dealing with my case.  I was really hurt really bad, my arm was crushed in the machine on my job where I was working at the time and there was a lot of things that was going on with my shoulder and my arm.  As I said before this being so concerned things were being taken care of was very important to me.  After all, you know, being held up for a year without anybody really looking into my case and allowing him to come into my life and help me understand what was going on and how things can be done right through his law firm that he was working with.  So I really thank Dan O’Brien for being there for me.

Hi.  I am Jimmy and I was injured in 1998.  I had a roofing accident and was in the hospital for 4 ½ months.  I had a lot of extensive injuries and when I got out, you know, I would not be able to go back to work and I needed an attorney and most attorneys that came to me just wanted me to sign a contract, 1 or 2 said that I had no case at all and then I met Dan O’Brien through my cousin.  He came, we had an interview and he said let him investigate it and see if he can find anything.  A couple of weeks later he came back and said that he found something and that we should, you know, sign a contract with him and he is a great attorney.  He returned my calls.  He returned my call from Aruba, I think it was, within 24 hours.  He was just great.  He is a great friend now, came to my wedding.  I recommend him to anybody.  I have already recommended him 2 or 3 times to friends of mine.  He is a dynamite attorney, very smart, very court savvy. The other attorney was a real son-of-a-b and he didn’t want to settle nothing.  Dan said don’t worry about it.


Hi. My name is Lori and I am Jimmy’s wife.  When my husband Jimmy fell, I just had a baby, so my husband fell 2 weeks after we had a baby boy and it was extremely stressful and emotional time for me.  When we found Dan, he was a godsend.  He returned every single phone call we made to him.  It could have been 10 phone calls a day.  He would return every one of them.  If he didn’t, someone from his office did.  He was extremely thorough, smart, knew just what to say when the other side was being very difficult with my husband and I, he made sure everything was right.  He made me feel so much better.  I don’t know, I knew my husband’s career was over because I wasn’t sure if he was going to live or die. They gave him his last rites.  He was miracle sent to me and my family and if it wasn’t for him, I don’t know where we would be right now and I just thank God for Dan.  He is wonderful.

Hi, my name is Eric.  I am a teacher, tri-athlete and cross country coach.  Back in early 2006 I was out training for a triathalon and was hit by a motorist on my bike.  I suffered extensive injuries to my hip and my ankle and basically had to do bring a lawsuit up against the driver and my insurance company because the driver was underinsured.  Got Dan O’Brien’s name through a friend, contacted him, knew exactly what to do and he helped me get all the proper information I needed to file the lawsuit and he helped me convince the insurance company what it was worth and my life being effected as an athlete had value.  I wouldn’t be able to do that without his help and the money will actually help in the future in case I have any hip injuries or difficulties from that accident.

Hi.  My name is Rose. I was involved in an auto accident in November of 2006.  As a result of the accident, I sustained serious personal injuries, short term memory loss.  In addition I had developed thoracic outlet syndrome which is a condition with my shoulder and neck area that required surgery.  Through a mutual friend, I was given Dan O’Brien’s name as a contact to help me as a result of the accident, whatever may come.  Initially when I got Dan’s name, I wasn’t even certain I would have to use him.  I had never previously used a lawyer, didn’t know how to contact one, had never been involved in litigation, had never ever filed a claim for anything so much as a homeowner’s policy nor an auto policy.  So all this was so completely new to me, new territory and I was just lost and having sustained a head injury was making it that much more difficult.  Dan really took me under his wing.  He and Julia together formed a team that I knew was my strongest advocate in this process.  There were times when I was just scared beyond belief as to what the future may bring, both financially and personally.  There were times when I would call Dan crying literally because I did not know what was coming down the pike.  I was scared for myself and my family.  I was the primary bread winner.  As a result of this incident, I lost my job and my life was completely turned around and Dan was there.  He was my advocate.  Julia and him both they dealt with everything from the minutia of details on procedurally on how things had to happen in the Court system which again I was completely unaware of and naive to.  They walked me through those processes.  I really felt at every step they were walking it with me in joint ownership.  I am thankful for that.  I am thankful that they were also just an ear to listen and to have to bounce ideas off of.  Unfortunately, this accident when it occurred, I was on my way to training event which came to be a workman’s comp claim which is probably the most horrible experiences of my life, having been involved in that.  It is not anything I ever wanted, believe me.  Having been employed for 19 years at a single organization, I lost my job and it was something I wasn’t ready for.  The comp business can be very cut throat and very, very ugly.  And I again I never thought that I would have to involve an attorney in any point in this process.  I really believed that if you did the right things and you were truthful that things would work out and it became very obvious that that wasn’t the case, that I had to protect myself .  I had most importantly to protect my family, my 2 small children.  The comp process, the attorney that I had in the beginning, things broke down pretty quickly.  I realized that I had some real exposures there.  Called Dan right away, not knowing who to call.  He geared me towards another attorney within a matter of days, shifted the whole process over and this is as the Court hearings were occurring and he worked jointly with the other attorney and it was seamless, it was very unobtrusive to me.  I didn’t, both processes worked out well and he partnered with my other attorney and worked it as one and I am completely thankful and grateful that I had somebody in my corner, who was, I knew in my heart would protect me and my family and take care of us in all the ways that we needed to be taken care of.

Hi, my name is John Barbosa.  I was involved in an industrial accident back in early 2000.  I met with Dan, Dan helped us through tons of questions with stuff with workmen’s comp issues to help us get us in the right direction, looking for something for our future. You know, with not being able to go back to work, you know, Dan was there the whole time for us.  Really took take of everything that we needed.  Things that we didn’t need, um.  Not only did we become people through a bad situation but we ended up being friends and you know here it is 10 years later and you know, were doing pretty good.  It was all thanks to Dan.

Hi. I am Therese. I came to White and Williams in 1998. I had a rear-end collision. My husband and I were hit from behind at a red stop light. We came to White and Williams through a friend, we were referred. We originally worked with the Allentown office and eventually came to work with Dan in the Philadelphia office and I am forever grateful that we worked with Dan. He is one of the best lawyers that I have met. He is a good, upright, moral lawyer. I would never ever tell a lawyer joke about him or to him. He has earned my respect. So hear that Dan and know that, that says an awful lot. Dan is very detail oriented as is his staff. They will hold your hand through the process. For us the process was a long process. It took 10 years but they managed to get us through the whole process and it does take somebody who is detail oriented. There will be somebody to take of the details. If you call, they will call you back. If they need explanations, they will explain to you. If you need the explanation more than once, you have the explanation more than once. They are your partner in the process and it is a journey. It is definitely a journey. I know it was a journey for us. One of the best things that I can say about White and Williams is that I never felt like I was a number to these people. That they truly did care about me as a human being and I felt that they cared about my husband as well. That they were invested in the outcome for us, they wanted the best for us. That they appreciated my integrity. They were willing to fight for my integrity. That they heard my story, they were there to defend me, to help the other side see where I have been and show people the details of my life that they needed to see. White and Williams will do their very best for you if you give them the chance. They will hold your hand all the way. If you need a swift kick in the pants, they will give you that to. I promise it won't hurt and they will do it at the appropriate moments. They will be there exactly as they need to be there and they will do it with professionalism. They will take good care of you just like they took care of us. You will be a part of the White and Williams family, just like we feel like we are a part of the White and Williams family. I know that though I don't need them now, if I needed them again, I could pick up the phone and call them again and that says a lot.

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